Seasoned Software Engineer Specializing in Infrastructure and Back-End Development

Greetings! I am Vlad, an accomplished software engineer with a deep passion for driving digital innovation. My expertise lies in crafting robust and scalable back-end solutions to deliver high-performance web applications.


I’m an experienced Software Engineer and Infrastructure Specialist, skilled in crafting robust back-end solutions. My expertise lies in offering expert consultancy services for streamlined DevOps and high-performance infrastructure. Let’s collaborate on your project’s success! You can reach me at: [email protected].


Mastery of Infrastructure

I excel in navigating complex cloud environments, particularly AWS, where I leverage services such as EC2, RDS, and S3 to architect reliable and fault-tolerant systems. With Docker as a key ally, I streamline development workflows, ensuring seamless and efficient deployments.

DevOps Excellence

Automation and efficiency drive my workflow. Employing industry-standard tools like GitHub, CircleCI, and Jenkins, I establish seamless automated testing and continuous integration pipelines.

Data Management Expertise

With extensive experience in MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis, I ensure optimal data management and execute queries with precision, contributing to enhanced application performance.

Advocate for Agile Development

Collaboration and adaptability define my approach. Embracing Agile methodologies, I deliver exceptional results within dynamic development environments.

Proficient in Front-End Technologies

On the front-end, I harness React Native and Expo to create dynamic and feature-rich mobile applications, elevating user experiences.

Let’s Collaborate

With over 6 years of proven commercial experience, I possess the acumen to tackle complex challenges and elevate projects to unparalleled success.

If you seek a seasoned infrastructure specialist and back-end maestro to power your digital ambitions, I stand ready to bring my expertise to your project. Let’s connect and embark on a journey of innovation together. You can reach me at: [email protected].

Thank you for visiting my website, and I eagerly await the opportunity to hear from you soon!